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Bond Film Platform
A new Economic Model for the Film and Video Industry
Video creators monetize their content and
profit together with investing crowd.
Bond Film Platform is:
Distribution Platform
All revenues go directly to the content owners
Creators can raise investment for content from their viewers
Content Ownership
Investors, team members get a share of revenues
Why Bond?
Because the economic model of the film and video industry is outdated
The Middlemen
Big platforms and corporations slow down the growth:

They take all the revenues from video distribution and give only a small share to creators

It's hard for creators to monetize

They control the funding of new projects

It is hard for new projects to get funded

They make the choices for the audience

The content does not reflect the taste of the audience.

Bond takes the middlemen out of the game!
A streaming platform
  • Subscription and pay-per-view
  • Exclusive, premium content
  • Includes user-funded content
  • Each new channel (project) generates Ownership Stakes
  • Investors buy channel stakes and their investment is recorded in Blockchain
  • You can now trade content ownership on the open market!
Smart content ownership
  • New episodes, pilots, projects
  • Professional and amateur investments in content
  • Multi-step quaility control
Automated revenue distribution
  • Revenues are distributed automatically
  • Each video's share is calculated by a transparent formula
  • Each investor receives a share of the revenue based on their stakes
Ways for user to earn stakes
  • Content promotion
  • Helping project teams
  • Curating content collections
BFP Coin

Bond will release its own crypto token on Ethereum blockchain using ERC 20 standard. The name of the token will be BFP (Bond Film Platform).

The initial token price will be $0.10 or 10 US cents.

BFP token will be used throughout the platform for all payment related tasks:

  • User Subscription payments
  • Crowdinvesting
  • Revenue distribution

BOND revenue will come from:

  • Commission on User Subscriptions: 30%
  • Commission on Crowdinvesting: 5%
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October 2017
  • Team Assembled
  • Project Launched
  • Advisors onboarded
May 2018
  • Development of Bond Content Licensing Agreements
  • UIX and Streaming Platform development
  • Negotiations with Content Creators (Authors) about Pilot Projects
July 2018
  • Start of crowdfunding campaign
  • Raising funds on StartEngine
Middle of Q3 2018
  • Streaming infrastructure (CDN) is ready
  • Basic platform UIX/Logic for video streaming and crowdinvestment is ready
  • First Pilot Projects selected for Crowdinvesting
  • Exclusive content selected for platform launch
  • Legal agreements between Bond and Creators are prepared and signed
Start of Q4 2018
  • Alpha version of the platform
  • Pilot Projects start preparing Crowdinvestment pages
  • Authors prepare their content for online distribution
  • Alpha users test UIX, streaming quality and monetary transactions
Middle of Q1 2019
  • Pilot projects publish their crowdinvestment pages
  • First investment opportunities open
  • Content is made available for streaming
  • Development of TV streaming solutions (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, KODI, Fire TV, etc.)
End of Q2 2019
  • Beta-testing finished
  • First Pilot Projects funded
  • Final preparations of all services for public release
Start of Q3 2019
  • BOND official public release
  • Marketing campaign
  • Scaling of the project
Q4 2019
Q1 2020
  • First original content from Pilot Projects released
  • Bond platform shows constant user base growth
  • Bond token (BFP) starts trading on major exchanges
Vlad Lobak
Founder & CEO

Vlad has over 20 years of experience working on TV Channels, developing cutting edge IPTV and VOD services, expert in online streaming and CDN infrustructure.

Vlad worked in many startups and is currently consulting top companies all over the world.

Den Tolmor
Founder & Chief Producer

Den Tolmor is a member of US Television Academy, Oscar nominee and Emmys nominee (2015) producer and writer, known for Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom (2015), Pray for Ukraine (2015), Cries from Syria (2017) and many other TV Shows and documentaries.

Yana Ishkova
IP and Entertainment Law

Yana has a background in Intellectual Property and Entertainment law. USC Gould School of Law LLM'15 graduate. She represents directors, producers, production and media companies in the motion picture and digital media industries. Inspired by talented filmmakers, storytellers, visual artists and futurists, she is also involved as a community manager with BOND.

Roman Tkachuk
DevOps engineer

Roman is DevOps engineer responsible for automating processes and keeping Bond server and network infrastructure effective and reliable. Automation, CI/CD, containers, configuration management, network security, cloud infrastructures, disaster recovery and of course Linux.
Roman is active promoter of Linux and Open Source.

Irina Shklyar
Backend Developer

Irina Shklyar is an experienced web backend developer, mostly working on streaming media and educational products.

Kate Boyko
Frontend Developer

Kate Boyko has extensive experience in frontend development (Vue.js) and is also helping Bond with her PM skills.

Arthur Kudelia
Co-owner of Sino Capital

Doctor of economic sciences, professor of the Russian Economic University and director of the rating agency, blockchain investor.

Daniel Elba
Advisor: Community, Marketing & Sales

Daniel is a business and operations executive with more than 14 years of experience in developing products, driving growth and monetization in digital content. He served in several leadership roles at Yahoo!, Flickr, and Uniplaces. As a former Director of Flickr, he knows the nuances of the media business.

Arkady Sandler
Head of Artificial Intelligence, MTS Innovation Center

Arkady was director of Nanosemantics Lab for more than 5 years and made his company the leading provider of solutions for artificial intelligence in the multilingual market.

Vasily Grudev
Investment Director at Far East Investment and Export Agency

Senior Executive with extensive experience in general management, sales, marketing, strategic planning, product management, private equity, venture capital, investment, acquisitions, and business development in both public and startup companies. Vasily was in the top management of such companies as Cisco and RUSNANO.
He specializes in business development of high-tech / innovative companies in EU, Japan, Russia & ex-USSR, Middle East.

Vsevolod Raskin
Finance & Strategy Advisor

A career investment banker, independent corporate finance and strategy consultant (M&A advisory, corporate governance, fundraising), entrepreneur and VC investor.

Marc Vayn

Mark is a highly successful entrepreneur with a lot of experience in IT start-ups

Joshua Engroff

Joshua is a media and technology entrepreneur in New York for the past 16 years. Josh is overseeing investments in many technology companies, is a co-founder in three startups, writes articles and publications. Joshua is quoted by MediaPost, CNBC, AdExchanger, Mashable, Yahoo, and The Wall Street Journal.
He is named one of three 2016 Media All-Stars by MediaPos.

Cyril Tuschi
Founder and CEO of You-VR

Cyril Tuschi is creating with his company You-VR narrative bridges between Film and immersive XR Storyworlds. You-VR is developing software and film-based content, which users can start on mobile and webXR and continue the same story on one of You-VR's multi-sensory multi-player on-location DreamDecks.